Male Domination

14100-37 Feet & Fun

Feet 40%, Humiliation with Spit, Licking Armpits & Sitting 35%, Slaps 15%, Socks & Sneaks 10% Street Master Junus and his mate Rob are sitting on the sofa and pounding away at  a video game.  Right in front of the sofa, their slave is lying on the floor and operating as a footstool..  Whenever the game doesn’t go as the . Masterboys would like, they take out their frustration on their slave. They gave the loser some juicy slaps. .  The slave also has to take care of loads of snot. He’s not allowed to swallow it until his mouth is full to overflowing with snot.   The loser takes huge whiffs of the nasty stench from his tormentors’ shoes and socks.  That’s followed up with some intensive massage to their feet, using, it goes without saying,  his tongue.. While he’s doing all this, the slave keeps on being slapped and gobbed on. .. When Street Master Junus sits down on the slave, he forces his stinky socks into his mouth. And then yet another taste and smell session for the loser.  Armpit licking and sniffing!.    – The way that  Street Master Junus urges his mate Rob to hit even harder so that the slave really suffers is totally awesome! In this clip the loser is continuously humiliated and the amount of snot he has to swallow is damn huge!