Hand Over Mouth

Limp Assassin Tied and Tickled (MP4 1080p)

Olivia Rose and Tomiko accept an assassin assignment given to them by one of their contacts. They got to the point and are sneaking around a corner when they run into each other. It seemed that there was a mistake and the hit job was assigned to both of them, or so they surmised. Olivia loudly complains, and when she turns around, Tomiko strikes! She slides a rag over Olivia’s mouth, and she is down for the count.While Olivia is out, Tomiko proceeds to make fun of her, lifting her limbs to prove she is gone and then picking them up again to belittle and humiliate her. The next thing Olivia sees is when she awakens Tomiko leaned over her. She is tied up, feet propped up, and some weird devices near her. She has no idea what is going on. Tomiko starts to tell her exactly who the hit was for, Olivia. Olivia is shocked to learn this news and loudly protests. Tomiko says she’s not going to off her though. Instead, Tomiko wants specific info involving a big wig type. Olivia tells her she will never get the information, but Tomiko has other ideas and proceeds to tickle her to talk!Will Olivia give up the dirt and stop the tickling, or will she get another rag over her mouth? Click here for more Hand Over Mouth!Click here for more Catsuits!Click here for more Tickling!